Nebraskans Demand
Order on the Border

Nebraskans Demand Order On The Border

Nebraskans know Joe Biden’s immigration policies aren’t working. We see that his oversight over the border has failed us.

Millions of illegal immigrants are flooding into our country and bringing with them criminal histories, records of terrorism, drugs, a large price tag for American taxpayers, and additional cases of COVID-19 into America.

This is unsustainable.

At a time when Americans are struggling with exploding inflation, we cannot afford paying for more illegal immigrants.

As we see crime rates rising across the country, we cannot allow more criminals to be imported into America.

And with many communities finally recovering from the pandemic, we cannot allow more COVID-19 cases to illegally cross into our country.

Nebraska doesn’t butt up against the border, but we being put at risk and paying a lot of money becuase of Joe Biden’s failure at the border.

If you support cracking down on illegal immigration and securing our southern border, I need you to join with us by adding your name to the “NEBRASKANS DEMAND ORDER AT THE BORDER” Petition below.

Nebraskans Demand Order At The Border

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